Captivated by the Stroke of a Brush

Inspiration, we all need it and find it in many different forms. This year I have made a point to make time to seek out art from all different genres that inspire me. It’s been a wonderful experience for me and has been even more impactful than I ever imagined.

This particular painting is by Tim Okamura. And although I have only been able to view his work on Instagram and on his website it has still left a lasting impression on me. This painting embraces strength, passion, beauty and  feminism with an urban edge. I imagine it hanging on my wall every time I look at it.

It’s made me challenge myself to visualize and capture images that will have the same impact on my audience. To inspire women to be confident in their beauty, to stand strong and embrace their purpose in life.

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John Lee Hooker & “My” Black and White Images

I have a thing for The Blues… I’ve always kinda listened, laughed and related to Blues Music but in the last year or so I’ve really developed a great apreaction for it. My favorite Blues artist happens to be John Lee Hooker. His music is RAW, simple but attention grabbing and definitely has some stank to it. His catalog is extensive with many versions of the same song.

I stepped back and looked at my images from the past year and noticed that John Lee Hooker’s music has made a undeniable impact on my black and white images. There’s one song in particular that puts me in a zone when I process my images in black and white, Black Night (live.) I can see the formula in my head every time that song comes on. Dark, strong contrast, a little bit of grain, that old film look. Black and white photography done right. I usually produce my best black and white images as night too, lol!

Just another reminder that you never know where you’ll find inspiration or the impact it can have on you and/or your work.

Inspiration & Mentors

This brother right here! been an inspiration since day 1! 

I met Uncle McGyver about four years ago at a photography convention in Las Vegas and we’ve stayed in contact every since. Always quick to give advice, provide inspiration and is definitely one of the DOPEST photographers I know!

Don’t underestimate the power of a mentor!


A True Dayton”Gem”

I always enjoy talking to Jasmine Brown! Are conversations are usually short, but inspiring and ALWAYS involve are love for “Dayton” and “Ohio” themed shirts. I’m always inspired by her Love for the Gem City. For those that don’t know Jasmine Brown is the owner of De’Lish Cafe located at 139 N. Main St. In downtown Dayton and has been recognized as one of the Dayton’s Top 25 Women to Watch.

While many people in similar positions as Jasmine often choose to leave Dayton for bigger cities Jasmine has not only continued to build her foundation here, she has also invested in Dayton’s future with the recent purchase of another building right here in the heart of Downtown Dayton. 

Dayton Inspires
Ohio Born & Raised


X caught my attention back in January when we both attended “Redeem The Funk” a function held by Jair Crooms of Redemption Dance Company at Therapy Cafe in Dayton, OH.  We nodded at each other that night but never exchanged a single word. A few weeks later fate brought us together again when I went to meet up with a videographer to sit in on a project he was launching.

I had NO idea that X would there or that he was a spoken word artist until that day. I was moved by his passion, word delivery and sense of style. I was inspired. I took two or three photos of him that day and reached out to him about getting together to do a shoot as part of my Art Inspires Art series.

During his shoot we talked about life, dreams, passion, the Dayton art scene and the pursuit of happiness. We developed a mutual respect for each other and have crossed paths numerous times since our initial meeting.

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Fate is a Tripp…

This February I started a project photographing creative people from multiple genres. The first in this series is Dayton, OH native Tripp Fontaine. Tripp is a spoken word artist and member of The Underdog Academy. He is also a rapper that is quickly making a name for himself.

Every now and then I will cross paths with someone that captures my “creative” imagination. Tripp is one of those people… We crossed paths working on another project and I reached out to him about linking up. The day of his shoot I was going back and forth trying to pick out the perfect location for our shoot. We ended up at a place I had been wanting to shoot at for quite sometime but never used. As fate has it the location was a block away from Tripp’s childhood home. ¬†Needless to say we vibed on his session and his pictures came out DOPE!

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