What Does Your Headshot Say About You?

Nothing is more important than a first impression. While smart-phone selfies have their place, they also send a message to the rest of the world on how serious and invested you are to your brand and/or business. A potential client’s decision to do business with you will often be based in large part on your sense of competence and professionalism. It is important that your headshots visually represent you and your brand.Now that websites and social media are a major driving force in businesses large and small, your image is even more important. I recognize your needs and I offer business professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and anyone trying to establish or rejuvenate their brand, fresh and modern headshots that will represent at their best. If you would like to schedule a session or go over options in greater detail please contact me us at aaron@ap2photography.com or 937-430-5831.
“What does your headshot say about you?”


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