How Did I Get Here?

So I’m on a plane with my wife heading to Ocho Rios, Jamaica to photograph a destination wedding and I keep asking myself “how did I get here?” Seriously “how did I get here?”
In 2011, I bought my first “serious amateur” Nikon camera with hopes of taking better pictures as I traveled. I never had any thoughts or aspirations of starting my own business or even taking photography seriously  for that matter. I just enjoyed the challenge of learning something new, the process of growing and getting better each time I picked up the camera. With photography, no matter how long you’ve been shooting or how skilled you are with the camera, there is always a new challenge awaiting you or something new to learn. 

In 2012 I launched AP2 Photography. I’m proud of my business and where I am as a photographer. That doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied or resting on my laurels. And while I challenge myself to not only satisfy but exceed my clients expectations the thing I pride myself on the most is providing them with a great experience. This concept is true to who I am as a person. I love to engaged and connect with people. Which brings me back to “how did I get here in beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica?”

Well in the winter of 2014, I met Anna who at the time was graduating from Wright State University and on her way to Law School at Michigan State University. During her “extended” shoot we talked, we laughed, discussed politics and got some pretty dope images along the way. In fact I even promised her a free photoshoot when she graduates from Law School and when she’s elected to public office. Since that time we’ve kept in touch through instagram and have maintained the relationship we formed two years ago.

That relationship is what led me to Jamaica. You see going the extra mile for Anna made an impression on her which led to her referring me to one of her fraternity brothers. From there it was up to me “and my work to seal the deal.” I’ll take those odds every time. So here I am, on the balcony of my room in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Enjoying time with my wife, taking in the view and wrapping up this blog post. Life is good my friends! Life is Good!