America – Do Your Job and VOTE!

The tone of this year’s election has been nothing short of disgusting. It’s uncovered the undertones that we all have tried to ignore and/or pretend that we as a nation had moved pass.

And while both candidates leave a LOT to be desired please don’t use that as an excuse to stay home on Election Day. Let your ballot count, especially on your local level. These are the issues and candidates that will impact you the most. And take a long, close look at both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Try to sort through all of the propaganda and smear campaigns and choose the candidate that you feel will best lead our country.

America IS beautiful. Yes, we have our challenges, setbacks, etc. but there is no place else on earth I’d rather live than right here in the United States of America. And with that said it is our civic duty to do what so many before us have fought, bled, died to do – vote.